Consummate Professionals with Old School Values

Procision is resolved to provide the highest level of integrity and client service that is rarely found in today’s fast moving world.  

Founded as a synergistic Commercial Real Estate and Business Brokerage, Procision offers one-stop, comprehensive services for Investors, Business Owners and Corporate Clients alike.  We provide broad representation and complete Transactional Solutions to the Business Community of the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey Region.  Our unwavering Mission is to create superior value for our clients and function as their Trusted Business Advisor.

With some 75+ years of combined Business and Real Estate knowledge, as well as targeted professional certifications such as Certified Commercial Investment Members (CCIM) and Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designations, our professionals have participated in $100s of Millions in transactions during their careers. 


Looking to the future, Procision Commercial Realty will continue our quest to redefine the meaning of “Trusted Business Advisor”.


Although our mission may sound a bit old fashioned or out of date, in today’s era of short-cuts, instant gratification and unscrupulous actions, we believe that the principles of unyielding integrity, value, and leadership are needed more than ever and form the basis of business success regardless of the era.  Procision Commercial Realty has established these guiding principles as the foundation to all our business.



As the cornerstone of our value system, Procision is devoted to the highest level of integrity and ethics in all our business practices.  Whether we assist you as a Real Estate Consultant or a Business Advisor, our team is driven by an uncompromising commitment to our client’s best interests.  As active members of various professional organizations, we have adopted and adhere to a stringent code of ethics.  

Procision provides unbiased recommendations and services for our clients and maintains complete confidentiality in all our dealings. Our fundamental goal is to function as a Trusted Real Estate Advisor and Professional Resource for each of our clients.



Navigating through the numerous challenges and complications associated with today’s Commercial Real Estate transactions can be quite difficult and often requires significant knowledge, resources and experience.  With each engagement, we strive to simplify this difficult process, accelerate its successful completion and ultimately, maximize value for our clients.  

As a Trusted Advisor, Procision offers interactive solutions that assist our clients in achieving their final transaction goals.  Through our Comprehensive Process, we help streamline each stage and provide assistance throughout the transaction process.  We offer extensive expertise, market intelligence and overall business experience and we are devoted to providing unparalleled Brokerage and Advisor services for the 21st Century.



Always aspiring to expand and improve on our capabilities, we’ve adopted a “Continuous Improvement” philosophy and consider it to be a pivotal part of our company’s culture and leadership position in the industry. As a result, we continuously look to update and enhance our technologies, expertise and marketing efficiency. On a practical basis, Procision seeks out real-time market intelligence and proactively monitors ever-changing industry trends, market shifts and valuation dynamics.  Utilizing this cutting-edge information, we regularly adjust our strategies to reflect the latest business intelligence available.

With our team of proven professionals, former business owners and highly successful advisors, Procision is ideally positioned to function as a true leader and innovator within the Commercial Real Estate industry.